file: settings.conf

The settings.conf file controls how jSunnyreports will behave. For instance which language to use, where to upload your site to, your website title, your geographical location, colors and other preferences.

Settings.conf is a standard text file that can be edited by using any standard text editor like notepad, notepad++, ultraedit on Windows or VI or NANO on linux.

All configuration items are preceded by a comment, read these carefully before changing them.

Mandatory items

The following items are mandatory


This is the directory where you want jSunnyreports to create all its files. This path must exist before you run jSunnyreports.

Important note: NEVER use the backslash “\” in a path but always the forward slash “/”




Replace “Place your name here” with your name or any other text you want, this text is displayed as the title of your website on every page.

FTP Transfer

If you want to transfer your jSunnyreports data to a website you need to configure the FTP part of jSunnyreports. If correctly configured jSunnyreports will upload the changed files to this location.


ftp.password=<hidden :)>

Use a FTP program like Filezilla to determine the correct values and enter them here.

jSunnyreports is not the fastest FTP program around. jSunnyreports creates a lot of fairly small files. and small files have a significant overhead when it comes to FTP performance. This can be partially circumvented by uploading more files in parallel. This is done by modifying the “ftp.threads” parameter. See the documentation in settings.conf for more information.

Other parameters

Check the documentation in the settings.ini file itself. Contact me for any questions.

Next up

Setting up the inverters by modifying inverters.conf to your needs.