Busy with several fixes.

I’m working on a new release with several fixes.

0 Watt bug

The 0W bug should be fixed in this release. A bug is a big word for it by the way. It would cause the dailgraphs not to end with 0W at the end of the day. I now check if it is the end of the day and if the sun has set.

ArduinoLoader issue

There was a small issue with the Arduinoloader, it would sometimes log rogue pulses from the kWhmeters. causing strange graphs before sunrise and after sunset. Pulses before sunrise and sunset are now ignored.

Both fixes rely heavilly on the sunset and sunrise of your particular location.


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  1. Christophe Fockenier

    Hi Martin,

    Just for you information.
    Have only the 0w bug, with the Arduinoloader that problem i don’t have.

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