Beta4 is in the making

And, as expected :-), work on beta-4 has started already.

Fixes and enhancements so far:

  • Fixed bug, averages were calculated with a day to few. ( tnx Poenjaard! )
  • Enhanced loading of inverterdata, inverters.ini now works with single slashes. ( so makes entering new inverters a lot less error prone ). So *FINALLY* a path in inverters.ini can be like c:\documents and settings\blablah instead of c:\\documents and settings\\blablah. Both are possible though for backwards compatibility
  • Same applies for settings.ini
  • Added tag ##inverter_table## to the month template, giving specific details about kWh/kWp and details about one inverter for that month ( VERY HANDY! )
  • Added tag ##inverter_table## to the year template.
  • Modified creating of the graphs about, should increase performance.
  • Timezone of local and remote computers are now taken into account when ftp’ing. should also increase performance and should get rid of the ftp bug when no files were updated.

Quite a list already. I hope to release this version asap. I first have to test the FTP changes extensively.


  1. raf


    Nog nieuws over de configuratietool?
    Plannen om een dagboek in versie beta-4 te integreren?



  2. Martin Kleinman (Post author)

    Configuratietool is jammer genoeg nog niet af. Er komt 100% zeker een dagboek feature in JSunnyReports. Dit zal niet in beta4 komen overigens.

    De backup functie zit inmiddels wel in beta4.

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