Beta3 is in the making

We are working on beta3 of jSunnyReports. A few small bugs will be fixed in this release and a few new features

  • CorrectionFactor is not working for some Fronius users
  • Small updates in the html engine
  • New graphtype kWhcummulative over a day ( also available in the month overview ).

More information soon!


  1. Frank Pauwels

    Dear developper,

    Thanks for the good work. I have one small question.

    I am having problems sending the infirmation to the website automatically. Do we have a log of the ftp commands and responses. I can’t seem to find the problem. Possibly it is because I need to enter a username in the format of domain\username as the user login, but I am not sure.

    Could you keep me informed ? Thanks,

    Frank Pauwels

  2. Danny Borremans

    Ik heb, zoals eerder al vermeld een soortgelijk probleem. Enige kans dat dit probleem opgelost word in de volgende release ?



  3. Martin Kleinman (Post author)

    I will improve the FTP logging. I have heared more people who have problems using the ftp feature in jSunnyReports. I cannot guarentee the extra logging will be in this release though.

    I will add an issue in our bugtrack/feature software. If you are interested check for more information.

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