Beta-3 just released

I just released beta-3 of JSunnyReports. Again some fixes and new features in this release

  1. Actual.png was renderered wrong if the current day has a bigger yield then the best day so far. ( tnx Danny! )
  2. Daygraphs ( clicked from month list ) are now opened in a new window ( tnx Raf! )
  3. Added ( <daynum> ) to top12 graph ( tnx Raf! )
  4. Removed the inconsistency between the various graphs ( actual day sometimes was ignored ).
  5. added display.expected.color in settings.ini
  6. added display.average in settings.ini ( text added in language.ini )
  7. added display.average.color in settings.ini
  8. Fixed bug with displaying colors. found a way that the colorscheme would be mixed up. Tnx Marc.
  9. Added average values for expected and average in the legend of the graph
  10. Added dayYieldExpected graph for each inverter. ( not available in a template yet ).
  11. Added support for Solarlog logfiles.

The new release can be downloaded here .