Another update on version 1.5Spring

And another update on version 1.5. Up until this point I have fully completed the fromdate and tilldate functionality in the code. Meaning that jSunnyreports is now 100% aware of active and inactive inverters. It also adjusts automatically for expected yields!

I have almost completely rewritten the expectation code. It now calculates the yield for every inverter for a year, month and even for a day. There are still some minor pitfalls. I will tell more about them in the near future.

There is still a ton of work to do. I have to test and retest every single invertertype that jSunnyreports supports. But there is also time to think of other items.


What new features should I implement? I already have a list with a few items

  • Add a warning to jSunnyreports when no costs can be calculated
  • Add yield of yesterday in the overview ( yield historically, yield yesterday, yield today )
  • Support for Plugwise importer is also high on the list
  • Add records for every year ( top days and such )
  • Add records for every year for every inverter
  • Add inverter power to the configuration. This can be used to display the dialgraphs differently
  • Possible bookmarks  ( new page ) for days you decide that should be on there
  • Other GFX engine ( Highcharts?! )
  • Add guage graph for each orientation ( % of performance )
  • Add more tables with information ( year / month / yield )
  • Add average running graph for a year
  • Add average running graph for a specific number of days ( selectable )
  • Completely new end user template?

MORE TO ADD? Let me know!