Another minor update and a change of plans

And another minor update. I have found a nasty issue. When you make an error in a manual.xls file e.g. you entered 25-04-2014 instead of 25-02-2014 you would end up with a graph for april 2014 and there is no way to get rid of that one besides reloading the whole dataset. I have made a small change to make it possible to delete future ( and thus ) invalid data.

Change of plans

A change of plans for the configuration tool. I have to be honest. One big reason why jSunnyreports was not further developed up until this week was that stupid configuration tool.

I would rather work on the core of jSunnyreports, add more graphs, add more speed, add more inverters and update the code more. That is the thing I like working on! Not on doing a redesign for the configurationtool. Even though I know that the configurationtool is very important for the success of the tool itself.

If you’re a Java developer and want to help with jSunnyreports, let me know!