Another beta release

I have just released another 1.5beta. ( build37) The old file available here on the site  has been overwritten by the new beta. If you have already updated earlier to 1.5beta, please download the file again.


  • New template; history.template, information moved from index.template to history.template
  • Manual updated to 1.5
  • Added additional information to the various configuration files
  • Added inverter_examples.conf for more information about how each inverter is configured
  • Minor bugfixes.



  1. deco38


    I can’t use the new version of JSR, because I’m french and there is accented character in the name of directory input and output …


    Inverter: Solarmax 3000S cannot be read. I cannot open the directory F:/V├®ronique/suiviEDF/productionPV/donnees, check your inverte

    Best regards

  2. Martin Kleinman (Post author)

    This is probably due to conversion issues between charactersets of problems encoding the string correctly. What text editor did you use to open the inverters.conf file and settings.ini file? Notepad? Notepad++? Ultraedit?

  3. deco38

    I use Notepad++ and when I open the file, at the bottom right of the editor’s window, “Dos\Windows ANSI as UTF-8” is displayed.
    In the editor, I see the accent correctly.

  4. Martin Kleinman (Post author)

    I’m afraid the configfile is loaded using another locale setting and that confuses jSunnyreports. In the previous version it was Java also who saved the file.
    You could use the configurationtool and copy paste the contents of that file to the inverters.conf file.

  5. deco38

    OK, I convert the files inverters.conf and setting.ini in ANSI with Notepad++ and JSR works now.


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