Alpha 9 is there!

And yes, Alpha 9 is now deemed stable!


If you are using: or earlier
1. overwrite jsunnyreports.jar
2. overwrite the following templates in the /template directory :
– totalrecords.template
– diary.template
– index.template
– stylesheet.css
3. overwrite the complete /lib directory.
4. open settings.ini in a text editor and check if the following settings are available. If not add them! ( ofcourse WITHOUT the leading – )
– parallel.graph.threadcount=5
– ftp.threads=3
– graph.png.compressionlevel=2
– advanced.multithreading=0
– graph.barchart.alias=1
– graph.dial.alias=1
– graph.timeseries.alias=0

If you are unsure about this step, just overwrite settings.ini and run the configurationtool.

these settings are new since 1.3 and cannot be configured yet in the configuration tool!

Determines the amount of threads in parallel to create graphs. The best value is 3 for one core, 5 for two cores, 9 for four cores and so on.
Amount of files to read in parallel. Especially the first run will benefit from this. 5 to 10 for harddrives 15 or more for SSD’s

Number of FTP upload threads. 3 gives best performance.

Compressionlevel for the PNG files. 0 = NO compression, 9 is highest.

leave alone for now. Internal ussage only


Determines if the graphs should be anti-alliased. 0 = no, 1 = yes.

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  1. Tijssen

    ftp speed is really great!

    I only have a problem that all the pages that normally are places within the root directory are now placed within the 2013 directory. (index files)

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