I’ve found another boost. I’m now up to 356% performance increase. Meaning my testset runs in little over 129 seconds!

I’ve also fixed a few small issues. When you’re using the optimized schedule and you are re-running from scratch some graphs might not be generated. Thats fixed now. So when you’re doing a clean run from scratch it will always create all graphs.



  1. gridained

    Good news !

  2. Xmal

    Well, I’ll try this Alpha for sure! But, what a great job you did here! Thanx a lot!

  3. gunter

    Superfast, I skipped some versions, but this speed-up is very nice !
    I hope the cost thing also works with updates again, I will follow-up.
    Thanks !

  4. gunter

    I managed to generate all yesterday, and upload also worked fine, use a new website as the old server went offline.
    Something went wrong today, I can’t see what. My generated webpage on C-drive does not show a new version (data from yesterday), but the index uploaded shows that an update has taken place, but not all pictures are present ? Can’t see what I’m doing wrong here…

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