24. Solarlog1000

The Solarlog1000 logger differs a bit from the Solarlog100 and 400. The Solarlog1000 logger is capable of logging multiple inverters in one single file.

Each inverter is identified by an unique ID. This ID is necessary for jSunnyreports to work correctly. Also jSunnyreports needs to know which column to read from the export_min.csv file.


# Important! When using Solarlog1000 below two lines are mandatory for every inverter!

export_min.csv and export_day.csv

These are the two files generated by the Solarlog1000 logger. If you export these file it is mandatory that the files are named this exact way.

export_min.csv contains all day detail data while export_day.csv only contains the day information.

For every individual inverter in your Solarlog1000 setup you must add an extra entry in inverters.conf and configure the two extra fields wattcolumnlocation and inverterid. So if you have 10 inverters logged with your Solarlog1000 you would have 10 individual blocks described above. The inputdirectory of all would be the same ( as all the data is in the same file ), the name, colors etc would differ ofcourse. And wattcolumnlocation and inverterid must be correct and unique for that specific inverter.

This sounds fairy complex but it isn’t.


Open the file export_min.csv in Excel.


This is an example and it is huge! If you pay close attention you will see there are repeating blocks. I have highlighted the necessary columns in the next screenshot which are necessary for jSunnyreports.


Note that I have highlighted all columns with the heading “Pac”. Pac stands for Power Alternating Current. Pac is measured in Watts. Also note the INV column before every Pac column. This might be confusing but this is NOT the inverterID necessary! It just states that this is the FIRST inverter in the file.

In this case for the first inverter that is configured the right value is in column “D”. When you start counting from the first column where A is column 1, B is column 2 and so forth the right value for the first inverter ( in column D ) would be the value 4.

There is always the same amount of columns between each Pac column. So when you know the first you can calculate all the rest. The right values are:

  • 4
  • 11
  • 18
  • 25
  • 32
  • 39
  • 39+7 and so forth.


Now the right inverterIDs. This ID is necessary to read the file export_day.csv. Open the file in Excel to see why.


This file contains the total yield in Wh for every inverter in the set. In this case 15 different inverters which are also present in the export_min.csv file.

In this file the first inverter has ID=0 and the last has ID=14

In the export_min.csv file the first inverter begins with 1, in the day file it begins with 0. Thus to correlate the two extract 1 to get the right inverterID.