2.5.0 has been released

jSunnyreports 2.5.0 has just been released to the public. This is a huge release, the cache is partially compatible with 2.0.7 and 2.0.8 though. So there is no immediate need to do a full reinstallation. However some charts and pages might not work. The structure of some JSON files changed a bit. Newly generated files will work properly, the older ones will not.

If you look at your older data at a regular basis then a full update is recommended.


More charts! The suncharts and dailcharts are back. Lots of piecharts are added for more chartporn! For people with more than one inverter even more charts are available. Also some minor bugfixes. Support for Growatt inverters ( Excel files ).

A few cache bugs have been fixed, most notably the monthchart peakpower bug. Also the bug that corrupted day files when the cache retain was set to 3 or lower has been fixed.

last but not least: jSunnyreports needs Java 8 or higher! People with Java 1.7 and lower will get an error when trying to run JSR 2.5.


Not there in this release.




  1. André van den Berg

    well done! I’ll give it a try on my RPi3B later this week

  2. Doudy

    me too

  3. Doudy


  4. Christophe Fockenier

    A good job again, thanks for the new update!

  5. Hans Kortenoeven

    It runs fine on my RPi1B, with cache.retain set to 3. So it finalizes its jobs faster without losing day files. Well done!

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