2.0.6 released

jSunnyreports 2.0.6 has been released.Downloadlink: http://jsunnyreports.com/releases/full/jsunnyreports2.0.6.zip

This is another minor bugfix release. It fixes a few minor issues in the dataloaders and adds support for loading the monthly files created by Sunny Explorer ( finally! ). And last but not least; jSunnyreports is now built using Maven instead of the internal deployment with jDeveloper.


Full changelog

– 0000083: [dataloaders] Excel loading fails with out of bounds exception (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000080: [charts] Expected value(s) is zero for the first two calender years. (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000082: [dataloaders] [Solarlog] daysall.csv loading load sometimes ends with Parse Exception (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000076: [dataloaders] [SunnyExplorer] Also load month files (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000049: [core] [JSR] Start using Maven within JSR instead of own dependencies. (administrator) – closed.



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  1. Harmen

    I have been waiting/hoping for this for a looooonnng time 🙂
    Will install & test this evening

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