released has just been released. Download here.


  • Arduino loader now is sunrise/sunset aware, rogue pulses are now ignored.
  • Code improvements for reading and processing inverters.ini
  • Improved handling for inverters who need additional config information
  • Added cache.retain to settings
  • Added inverter.timeinterval to settings
  • Added javascript.generate.jsondata
  • New charttype on historic page


Users who are using can update using the following steps:

  1. Replace jSunnyreports.jar
  2. Replace schedule.conf from the zip file to your /conf directory
  3. Replace historic.template from the zip file to your /template directory
  4. Add the following items to your settings.ini file:
  5. cache.retain=32
  6. inverter.timeinterval=3
  7. javascript.generate.jsondata=0

Remark about 5,6 and 7. Check the original settings.ini file in the zip file for more information. Above values are defaults that should work for most people.

People who are using older version need to do a full upgrade.