1.5 Spring released

It is still winter here with temperatures below zero here at the moment. But finally it is here, the SPRING release of jSunnyreports. I have just released the first public beta of jSunnyreports

I have a testversion online which can be found here. http://trinity.familie-kleinman.nl/jsunny15


  • Cache handler has been radically changed. Cache files can now be moved between computers. So you can create your database on a fast computer and then move all the files to a low powered device.
  • Inverter configuration has been radically changed. The configtool is gone. Everything is done in config files which are more human readable.
  • Settings file has been made human readable.
  • Templates are updated
  • jSunnyreports can now work with inverters that have been decommissioned without leaving this inverter active for eternity. Every inverter now has a begin and enddate
  • Various bugfixes
  • Various performance improvements

Known issues

  • Initial loading is still slow, and will always be slow
  • Some graphs have minor glitches
  • Summary and average for each month still looks a bit flimsy
  • Probably various bugs, I have not tested everything to the fullest extent.


Just start from scratch.



  1. Wayne

    Hi Martin,

    Running into a config issue; Using Sunny Explorer inverters. Getting a run time error of: kWh ColumnLocation is empty. I know they should be 2 and 4 but can’t nail down the exact .ini line to insert. Tried inverter.1.mandatory.kWhColumnLocation=2 and inverter.1.mandatory.ColumnLocation=2 with no luck.


  2. Martin Kleinman (Post author)

    Done, see the new posting!

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