is nearing

Observant people already might have seen the big news already. My own jSunnyreports site, http://morpheus.flitspaal.nl, has the telltale sign of what is ahead. On the bottom of the page you can find the text: “jSunnyReports version : Codename ‘Snowflake'”.Note the “FINAL” part in the text.

Yes, that is right, I am almost at the end of this huge iteration which started on march 13th of this year. So I’ve been building for 5 months on this release. And boy is it big. The biggest difference is the performance part. Over 330% gain compared to the current stable 1.3.x branch.

I am currently doing the last few things in the code. Mainly some due refactoring in the settings and properties department. This change makes the code better yet again. Yes I will always find some improvements. I’m a perfectionist so I’m never satisfied. Also keeps me of the streels 🙂

Also I have some work left in the configurationtool. Making some more combo boxes instead of the harsh 0/1 values that are allowed at the moment. After that is done this puppy is ready to replace the release which is the stable release at the moment.

And then? I will work on 1.4.1 which will add support for Plugwise CSV’s  ( Plugwise Smile ), Pico Kostal, Omnik inverters and more!

Now for some sleep.