I have just released the first version in the 1.4 branch. This version is 330% faster than the previous version. Also its memory consumption is lower.

If you feel lucky you can use this version 🙂



  1. Ben

    I just dropped you an e-mail with 1 or 2 bugs…

  2. gridained

    I’m ready for testing !
    see you soon on mantis for issues…

    best regards

    d. gridaine

  3. Snowmiss

    It’s working on my Raspberry Pi!

    Only took 2 hours and 20 minutes on the first run (10 months of data).

  4. tontonbill

    oh snowmiss !
    do you have a tutorial to explain how it works on your Raspberry ?
    i have one and it would be great if i could do it as well … 😉

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