( Beta 2 ) has been released

I have just made the first public release of jSunnyreports Storm. This is the second beta of project ‘Storm’.

A few important bugs have been fixed and it seems this version is now running fairly stable. A few bugs still remain that need to be resolved for the final version:

  • Sunny Webbox files can be configured with different date formats, it only supports one at the moment and will crash with the other ones;
  • Some translations are wrong or missing ( German / Spanish );
  • Some translations need to be updated ( French );
  • Sunnybeam Bluetooth users now experience a dialgraph not ending in 0W;
  • Sonnerertrag files are wrong since ( is working properly );

If these issues do not bother you then you can safely install this version.




  1. Doudy

    Super fast
    Minimal difference:
    Total return over 3 years: – beta6 = 12042.966 kWh
    Total return over 3 years: – Beta2 = 12042.955 kWh

  2. Kai Lüdemann

    Great job … an error in the German language file is found. It had to be changed.

    html.costsign = €

  3. Doudy

    What is the following directory : “Extras” and “arduinologger” – “arduinosketch” – “soladinlogger” ?

  4. Doudy

    I do not see the following charts :
    Day chart
    Day/kWh chart

  5. Martin Kleinman

    Hi Doudy,

    Did you try to remove the .jsun files? Are most day graphs still missing then too?

  6. Doudy

    Screen “Records”
    To return to the screen “Index” in the ini files of “Languages” directory missing the variable “records.index”
    In “french.ini” can not put “Accueil” instead of “Index”

  7. Doudy


    I have remove the .jsun files
    Restart jsunnyreports.cmd 2x
    This is the same no “Day” chart and “Day/kWh” chart

  8. Doudy

    My previous comment : Screen “Records”
    Do not apply
    “Accueil” is well displayed in french

  9. patrick

    error in the latest version

    15-02-2012 14:48:19 – [nl.mk.jsunnyreports.JSunnyReports:130]: – jSunnyReports. Copyright : 2009-2012, Martin Kleinman, Martijn van der Pauw & Bastiaan Schaap, version Codename ‘Storm-Beta2’. Builddate : 13-02-2012 at 12:00
    15-02-2012 14:48:19 – [nl.mk.jsunnyreports.JSunnyReports:131]: – jSunnyReports. The solar equivalent of the Swiss knife!
    15-02-2012 14:48:19 – [nl.mk.jsunnyreports.JSunnyReports:132]: – Check out http://www.jsunnyreports.com for the latest version.
    15-02-2012 14:48:19 – [nl.mk.jsunnyreports.dataobjects.cache.CacheHandler:56]: – invalidating cache
    15-02-2012 14:48:19 – [nl.mk.jsunnyreports.dataobjects.cache.CacheHandler:141]: – Invalidated the cache successfully
    15-02-2012 14:48:20 – [nl.mk.jsunnyreports.JSunnyReports:192]: – Error! a non handled exception was found, please notify jSunnyreports development.
    15-02-2012 14:48:20 – [nl.mk.jsunnyreports.JSunnyReports:205]: – ———————————————————————–
    15-02-2012 14:48:20 – [nl.mk.jsunnyreports.JSunnyReports:206]: – Done processing ( time used : 610ms ), exiting program.
    15-02-2012 14:48:20 – [nl.mk.jsunnyreports.JSunnyReports:207]: – ———————————————————————–

  10. patrick

    im using aurora inverters, my log files were used as example

  11. patrick

    ignore my previous posts, its working now, i had orientation filled in wrong

  12. mikl44

    Hello Martin,

    I have a bug in
    I use it for few days.
    I use the file manual.xls for update it.

    When I use this version, all graphs are ok but not graph of this month (image and table of each day).
    This graph not contant all last day: juste all day of this month before I del “filecache.jsun” and “inverterdata.jsun”.

    Have you an idea for my problem ?

    Excuse for my english !

  13. Gerard Jacobs

    FTP start soms niet of blijft hangen!(was ik wel eens in oude versie)

  14. Gerard Jacobs

    In de oude versie weren de eigen .png bestanden met FTP naar de site gekopieerd
    bijv. dag.png. Is dit nu eruitgehaald of heb ik iets verkeerd ingesteld?

  15. Fred

    It seems that the parameter kwh/kwp in the config page is not use to perfom all the calculations. I think that a value of 850 kwh/kwp is use …
    But thanks a lot for this tool

  16. jenny

    No support for pvoutput.org yet?

    Thousands of systems on there now.

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