has been released

I have just released a small bugfix release of ( beta4 ).The following issues have been fixed:

– 0000303: [Documentation] FTP issue in documentation ( ftp:// must be removed ) (Martin) – closed.
– 0000304: [Bug] Issue with Sunnybeam bluetooth dataloader ( new firmware type? ) (Martin) – closed.
– 0000310: [Bug] days.js files are not generated properly. (Martin) – closed.
– 0000307: [Documentation] Documentation for finding remote FTP directory needs to be enhanced (Martin) – closed.
– 0000309: [Bug] SunnybeamBT US files are not read correctly because of AM/PM in timestamp (Martin) – closed.

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  1. Geoff Collier

    I think it would be good to be able to show multiple curves on one graph – like you currently do for ‘best’ day and current day. It would useful to see for example how all the ‘top days’ compared with each other but this could be configurable to be able to choose which days could appear on a ‘combined’ graph – is this possible?

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