I have just released a new version, this will be the last version in the 1.3.1 branch. This version fixes a few bugs:

  • Cache related issue for Sunnybeam classic users. ( see below for more info )
  • FTP nullpointer exception

huge issue detected!

I have found a huge issue in the cache algorithm. Put very short. 1 + 1 = 2.. but 2 – 1 != 1. While testing the cache related issue for sunnybeam users I found out that every time I would reload the data the end yield would differ. ( 0,00030kWh ) for every run. This might not seem significant but I find this disturbing.

I already know what is causing this bug and why it surfaced with the cache mechanism, I will modify the internal structure of jSunnyreports and the cache mechanism  instead of using floats for keeping track of the yield I will switch to another type and change it from kWh to Wh. Thus removing the need for a fraction behind the comma. When generating the graphs I will divide the result with 1000 to get to kWh.

This will take some time to modify.




  1. Kris Boeckx

    Thanks, keep up the good work !

  2. DevonSun

    Hi, thank you, the new releases are very fast and also have fixed the error in SMA Sunny Explorer where if the first row of data is incomplete, jsunnyreports would crash. Great program!

  3. Djemac

    Done processing ( time used : 126580ms ), exiting program.


  4. Jaconet

    Bij manuel wordt daggrafiek niet gemaakt?

  5. Kai Lüdemann

    Hi Martin,

    First my thanks on the great work from you everything I have now switched to get the latest version but in month 12 a lot daygraph no partial and i´am wonder why this is so.

  6. Martin Kleinman (Post author)

    This is because of a bug in the 1.3.1.x branch. Because of the cache handler all days older then 7 will be removed from the cache and because of this it can’t generate the urls properly to the actual day image.

    This is fixed in This issue is also available in Mantis under the link: http://www.flitspaal.nl/mantisbt/view.php?id=281

  7. Martin Kleinman (Post author)

    No, with manual data used it doesn’t have the necessary information to create the day graphs.

  8. Acro

    Nieuwe versie gelijk uitgeprobeerd op de nieuwe installatie (1750 Wp) werkt super, duidelijke handleiding. Beginners simpel en eenduidig. Super wat jullie doen!! Dikke pluim.


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