1.1beta2 just released

We have just released beta2 of version 1.1. The biggest enhancement in this version is official support for SunnyBeam Bluetooth. These new Sunnybeams create .CSV files instead of the classic Excel files that the classic Sunnybeams create.

Also some minor enhancements and we removed a lot of uncessessary debugging code you’ve all encountered in beta1 :-).

Enjoy this little package just before christmass 🙂


  1. Kris Boeckx


    I’ve just tested 1.1beta2 to read my SunnyBeam Bluetooth files. There is no error and I get output files so this is working but in my CSV file, there are 2 columns for my 2 converters. In the configurator, I can only select a folder for my csv files, not that there are one or more converters (so select the column where the measurements for the specific converter is done).

    I can send you an example of the csv file if you like.

    Keep up the good work !

  2. kristof59

    First, thanks for your work.

    I have a bluetooth SMA converter and I use Sunny Explorer to extract data (CSV file).

    I have test this file with 1.1beta2 but I have an error.
    Warning: no graphs are generated as there is no inverterdata to process.

    I think that this CSV format is different with Sunny Explorer.
    I can send you an example of the csv file if you like.

  3. jaak defour


    Thanks for working on this tool.

    I’ve just tried your Beta2 version on the .csv files generated by my sunny beam.
    Everything works fine, except that I have 2 converters, generating 2 columns of data in the csv file, but the tool only reads the first column.

    Is there a way to read the data from the second converter in the same csv file?

  4. Martin Kleinman (Post author)

    This is a known problem. I assumed there would be only one inverter in the files. hence all other inverters are ignored in the file.

    I’m working on a solution for this problem. I’m currently working on beta3 which is a major upgrade from beta2. It will take a few more weeks to complete though I’m afraid.

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