is released

I just releases 1.1beta8 into the public. This version can be downloaded here http://www.familie-kleinman.nl/jsunnyreports/releases/full/JSunnyReports-

Biggest changes

  • FTP ignore list added, in which you can add years that don’t need upload anymore thus saving loads of time
  • running kwh/kwp added to the graph generator
  • Lots of internal improvements, especially in the speed department
  • Multi language aware, Dutch, French and English are in there atm
  • Improvements in the configuration tool
  • jSunnyReports now makes a logfile for easier debugging of the tool when an exception occurs.
  • And lots more.



  1. Danny

    Hi Martin, I have beta 8 installed and in general works well. Question : what value need to be entered in the FTPingnore file ? Just the year as 2009 ? If I do this then the prgrm stops with a fatal error. Is there a special format for this entry in ftpignore ?
    and a constructive comment : Some of the graphs are now really small …
    Thanks for this new release.

  2. Martin Kleinman

    The small images are clickable btw 🙂

  3. Bzh

    Hi Martin !
    Nice job, and good french translation :-))
    I ‘m going to play with it tonight, and I’ll create a new subject in our photovoltaic forum.

  4. Bzh

    Hi Martin ! (my mails are rejected as spams ???)

    Beta 8 is good.
    However, I’ve noticed some bugs.
    1 – The most important : I think that, now, you know it.
    Sunny Reports doesn’t work with hour change, during the 28° April night.
    It seems you substract 1hour from the date.
    I’ve delete lines from 2:00 to 2:50 in the 10-3-28.csv file, and that’s ok.

    2 – And then, in the record page, there is always a bug in the best months.
    My first month is september, and links to record_2.html… which show my best… February..
    My last line is march, and links to record_8, which doesn’t exist (for august)
    (I hope you understand what I mean)

    3 – The manuel is not updated in Beta8.
    (And it’s not multilingual ;-))) Do you need some help to make a french version ? I can translate it if you want.)

    Everything else seems to be good!
    (I didn’t tried the ftp filter)

    I made a new subject on our photovoltaic forum.
    Some people tried JSR, and find it very well.
    (my user is koi-2-9)

  5. Tinamar

    What should I put in the Options field when I use SunnyExplorer?
    The manual is not very clear about this.

    “Options This field is only used for people with Sunny Explorer type inverter logging and is used to determine what the exact column in the CSV files is that has to be used by JsunnyReports.”


  6. Martin Kleinman


    The optionsfield is ment for what column jSunnyReports should read. Open one of the CSV files created by Sunny Explorer in Excel. then locate the column with the kWh ( cummulative ) in it. This should be column 2, 4,6 and so on.

    Hope that helps.


    Thanks for the input. Most errors are known indeed. Trying to resolve them asap.

    The daylight saving time bug will be hard to fix though. But I’ll try.

  7. Kris Boeckx


    b8 was working like a charm … I added my latest sunnybeam BT .cvs files and now I’m getting an error:

    Generating all the graphs and html files.
    Generating years graph + html files
    empty value returned for install.size
    Generating year graphs + html files
    Generating year graphs on an inverter basis
    Generating month graphs + html files
    Generating month graphs on an inverter basis
    Generating day graphs
    Fatal error, an unknown error occured.
    org.jfree.data.general.SeriesException: You are attempting to add an observation
    for the time period Sun Mar 28 03:00:00 CEST 2010 but the series already contai
    ns an observation for that time period. Duplicates are not permitted. Try using
    the addOrUpdate() method.
    at org.jfree.data.time.TimeSeries.add(TimeSeries.java:519)
    at org.jfree.data.time.TimeSeries.add(TimeSeries.java:562)
    at org.jfree.data.time.TimeSeries.add(TimeSeries.java:548)
    at nl.mk.jsunnyreports.graphtypes.TimeSeriesGraphType.addTimeEntry(TimeS
    at nl.mk.jsunnyreports.graphrenderers.GraphDayRenderer.createGraphs(Grap
    at nl.mk.jsunnyreports.graphrenderers.GraphRenderer.createGraphs(GraphRe
    at nl.mk.jsunnyreports.JSunnyReports.main(JSunnyReports.java:51)
    Done processing ( time used : 5848ms ), exiting program.

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