I just released beta7. This is a major enhancement over beta6.

  • Texts are all now in language.ini ( next version will be multi language! )\
  • Totally new ftp engine ( switched to apache commons )
  • ftp performance bug is fixed. Whole set of me ( 2009/2010 ) is uploaded within 40 seconds
  • Summary is added to the configtool ( the table at the bottom of the mainpage )
  • Dailgraphs are now dynamically drawn, no need anymore to hack in the templates
  • Finally found and fixed the sunnybeamBT + sunny explorer bug where only one or 2 days were shown.

Download here: http://www.familie-kleinman.nl/jsunnyreports/releases/full/JSunnyReports-


  1. Danny

    Hi Martin, thanks for this new release. I have installed it and indeed the FTP goes faster now. However I noticed that output figures have changed compared to a run earlier with Beta 4. It appears my daily is incorrect ( approx 5 KWh higher) reported compared to Beta 4 and what I have on the Sunnybeam. The all time total however seems to be approx 11KWH lower. Something seems to be wrong computed.
    I have also another question : is there a way to reduce the amount of data to be FTP’d ? ie how can I avoid that the 2009 files are still each time FTP’d to the website ?


  2. Martin Kleinman

    Hi Danny,

    I’m still having problems getting the dates/times correctly in jSunnyReports. This has to do with timezones. I thought I had fixed this problem but I didn’t. I’m having problems with it also with beta7.

    I’m currently working on beta8 and I fixed this problem again reading classic SDC files.

    About the FTP optimize. I’m thinking now of implementing a list of years that need to be uploaded, this can then be decided by the user if he or she wants to upload it or not.

    e.g. checkboxes for every year, a checked box will upload the data, an unchecked one will leave that year out ( if its already fully uploaded ).

  3. Peter

    Hello Martin,

    Nice piece of software!
    Have been playing around with it for couple of months (Sunny beam Bluetooth based) but when installing Beta 7 was unable to load SB BT data.
    Error reported as follows:


    jSunnyReports. Copyright : 2009-2010, Martin Kleinman, Martijn van der Pauw & Ba
    stiaan Schaap, version Builddate : 15-03-2010 at 21:00
    Check out http://www.familie-kleinman.nl/jsunnyreports for the latest version.
    Loading and sorting data
    Processing inverterdata for : SMC 4600A
    processing : 09-11-25.CSV
    Fatal error, an unknown error occured.
    java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: “”
    at java.lang.NumberFormatException.forInputString(Unknown Source)
    at java.lang.Integer.parseInt(Unknown Source)
    at java.lang.Integer.parseInt(Unknown Source)
    at nl.mk.jsunnyreports.dataloaders.SunnyBeamBTDataLoader.SunnyBeamCSVFil
    at nl.mk.jsunnyreports.dataloaders.SunnyBeamBTDataLoader.dataLoader(Sunn
    at nl.mk.jsunnyreports.dataloaders.DataLoader.readInverterData(DataLoade
    at nl.mk.jsunnyreports.JSunnyReports.main(JSunnyReports.java:40)
    Done processing ( time used : 281ms ), exiting program.
    Press any key to continue . . .

    Any ideas on what is going wrong?


  4. Bzh

    I’m a new french user, trying to run JSunnyReports…
    I’ve got exactly the same problem than Peter

    I hope you’ll find the problem, and give us a fix :-))

  5. Peter

    @ BzH:

    Martin was so kind to provide me with the solution by mail:

    “The error you are getting is easily solved. I think you forgot to enter the column the SB Bluetooth software has to read from the csv files. This needs to be entered in the option field in the configurator”

    Note: Sunny Beam BT uses second column, so value in option field = 2

    Entered the value and worked like a charm.



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